Clinton Campaign’s Slander of Pepe The Frog - International Federation of Pepe Distribution’s Response

Recently, the Clinton Campaign issued an incorrect statement regarding “white supremacy” undertone of Pepe the frog. This could not be further from the truth. In recent years, the most popular meme of all time: Pepe the frog - has gained notable notoriety. Alterations to the meme to include additional context for various cultural, political and social trends keep Pepe relevant, while other memes meander off to irrelevancy. While this flexibility gives creative freedom to creators to use for less than popular expressions, it does not by its own merit imply Pepe the frog has roots as a sinister undertone steeped in racism, bigotry, or injustice.


While its understandable the campaign season can lead to mudslinging between candidates, attacks on creative endeavors, specifically memes originating from anonymous users of the internet aren’t going to amount to be among the issues voters should be concerned about when it comes to the critical choice choosing their candidate to vote for. The international Federation of Pepe Distribution and its board members would like to state we have no preference for a presidential candidate, or political party in this election.