About Rare-Pepe.com and the IFPD

Rare-pepe.com was established in 2015 by the International Federation of Pepe Distribution to provide an authoritative body to promote and assist with efforts to legally distribute rare and exotic Pepe media. Requests sent to [email protected] are then handed to the IFPD board for review to determine:

  • The authenticity of the Pepe.
  • If authentic, how rare? Has it been posted on /b/ yet? The less the Pepe has been distributed, the higher its value will be. Reverse Google image search will give you a rough idea of its circulation if you are unsure.
  • If rare how dank? The dankest Pepe’s are the most iconic and sought after Pepe’s.
  • The quality of the Pepe is then assessed. Items taken into consideration are JPEG artifacting (unless intentionally added), resolution, and native format. A lesser known fact: Non-animated Pepe’s saved as .png as its native format are worth significantly more than their .jpeg counterparts. Depending on the series, bitmap Pepes can also fetch astronomical value.

Rare-pepe.com and the International Federation of Pepe Distribution does also seek to promote those who have rare Pepe’s to begin circulation through our user submission page. Credit is always given to those how have Pepes to submit.

Pepe Submission
Max file size is 20 MB.