Rare Pepe NFT’s

Reykjavik–(NEWS WIRE)–January 5, 2022 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The international Federation of Pepe Distribution, the “leading organization in Pepe authenticity verification” board members have unanimously voted that NFT’s are bullshit. As such, we will not be involved in any NFT or crypto dealings with our Rare Pepe collection.

“Everyone knows that you can just save the jpeg of an NFT. There’s no meaningful authenticity verification steps to put in place.” -International Federation of Pepe Distribution Chairman Meemer.

“nft cucks are rl ppl. it’s ppl that got rich off of crypto. first they put their money back into crypto then they started scalping cards, and they’re sitting on a fuckton of cards racking up power bills rn now they’re doing pump and dump shit with nfts.

  • make a nft
  • buy the nft from themselves for 1 mil
  • put it up for 500k

the funniest part is they’re selling it on a public blockchain, if you look at the history you can see them doing it they put it up with one account, and then buy with another account if they’re smart but if you trace funds far enough you can find their shit

a “leak site” that just makes the money trails on the block chain searchable would be redic